What Are The Penalties For First Time DWI Offenses?

Types OF DWI Penalties In Missouri

A DUI charge can be devastating, and it is important to understand how the penalties work before thinking about the best step to take. There are many different variations when it comes to penalties for DWI offenses, and it is best to understand them as soon as you can.

Let’s take a look at what Kansas City DUI lawyers can deliberate over when it comes to charges of this nature.

Types Of Convictions

There are different types of convictions a person can face when these charges are laid down. There are first convictions for excessive blood alcohol content and first convictions for driving while intoxicated.

Each one has its tiers when it comes to the penalities that are laid down.

These are dependent not only on the person’s history but the amount of alcohol in their system at the time of the accident.

These are factors that end up playing a significant role and should be contemplated over before making a decision as to how the case is going to be fought.

90-Day Suspension

For most DWI, DUID, or BAC convictions, the result is often a 90-day suspension. This is given as a way to penalize the driver and keep them away from the wheel.

The suspension is going to vary based on what the particular situation is, and that is going to be determined in the court of law.

These suspensions can also fluctuate based on the case in front of the judge, and that has to be taken into consideration as well.

Restricted Driving Privilege

The driver is also going to have the chance to drive if they are eligible for the RDP or restricted driving privilege. This will depend on the rest of their driving history and how severe the case is. Many will not be able to gain this opportunity, but there are others who are going to have this given to them.

This is a penalty because the restrictions are going to be strict and have to be adhered to at all times.

2 Points To Missouri Driving Record

Not only is the driver going to be penalized based on how much they can drive during a particular period, but also on their record as well.

Each driver has a driving record that is updated based on these charges. If the allegations are proved, there are two points lost.

The conviction is based on the blood alcohol content being higher than .04 at the time it was taken. This is based on one driving a commercial vehicle while under the influence.

One Year Disqualification

Kansas City DUI lawyers also take a look at disqualifications as once the conviction has been made the driver might not be allowed to man a commercial vehicle for a set period.

These are the penalties that are levelled depending on the case that is being presented and how its details work out for the driver.

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