What Are The Different Types of BAC Tests?

When an officer stops a driver because he suspects a DUI, the officer may perform certain tests. These tests are meant to establish probable cause to make an arrest and charge the driver. The two categories of tests include field sobriety tests and blood alcohol tests.

Field Sobriety Tests Vs. BAC Tests

Field sobriety tests are physical tests that have been proven somewhat effective in establishing probable case. These physical tests are done on the road, and they require the suspect to perform certain physical and mental tasks. The idea is that these tasks should be easy for a sober person and difficult for a drunk person.

However, blood alcohol tests, or BAC tests, are considered more scientific. They aren’t tests of impairment. Rather, they test the actual percentage of alcohol in the blood. They are considered more scientific, but they are not perfect by any means.

What Do DUI Lawyers In Kansas City Want You To Know About BAC Tests?

This section describes the three kinds of blood alcohol tests that law enforcement usually uses. These BAC tests are often administered after an arrest. In most states, getting lawfully arrested gives the officer implied consent to perform these tests.

If the tests get refused, there may be an automatic penalty. These penalties may include an automatic suspension of driving privileges. These penalties could apply even if the driver is later found innocent of a DUI charge.

DUI lawyers already know that their clients may feel compelled to comply to these tests. The tests may include a blood, breath, or urine test. In some cases, the driver may be able to choose which test they will consent to take.

Blood tests: These are considered the most accurate, non-invasive way to measure blood alcohol. Even though one of these tests demonstrates a high BAC, good DUI lawyers in Kansas City can often find problems in the way that they were either conducted evaluated.

Breath tests: These are common because police may be able to use them out on the road. These tests are not that accurate because readings can vary a lot because of the individual or other factors. A breath test with a high reading might not indicate a high BAC at all.

Urine tests: There are actually considered the least accurate way to measure BAC. They are usually used only if a blood or breath test isn’t available for use. These tests might, for example, give misleading results depending upon the suspect’s prior bathroom use.

No BAC Tests Are Infallible

These tests do offer information about blood alcohol levels. However, none of them are infallible. They can vary because of the individual, and errors in administering and reading the tests are not uncommon.

Of course, anybody who has had to take one of these tests needs a good lawyer. An experienced DUI attorney will work to discredit the test results to demonstrate that their clients were not impaired or not impaired to the degree that the test showed.

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