Kansas City DUI Lawyers – Finding The Right One

Kansas City DUI Lawyers – Finding The Right OneIf you are in a situation where you have been pulled over by a police officer, and you are found to be intoxicated, it is possible that you will need to see an attorney to represent you in a court of law. The question that many people have is whether or not they actually need a DUI lawyer, or if they can represent themselves. The answer to this question, in short, is that without an attorney to help you with presenting your case, and perhaps doing a plea bargain, you are going to pay the maximum amount of the fine and also the potential of jail time. Here is how you can find Kansas City DUI lawyers that are not only reputable, but can represent you for a reasonable price.

Why You Would Need A Kansas City DUI Lawyer?

The simple answer to this question is that, unless you have never been in a court of law, judges tend to favor those that have legal representation. The lawyer will know exactly what to say, how to present your case, and to answer the judge when certain questions are asked. They can navigate the administration procedures that you will not understand, and this is very important if you are a repeat offender. Whether this is a first-time DUI, or if this is a second DUI where you have aggravating circumstances and extremely high blood alcohol content, there is no way that you are going to survive without an attorney.

Should You Plea Guilty?

There are some cases where pleading guilty is actually a good idea, and it usually has to do with a plea bargain. In the case of a first-time offender, a person that has never had a DUI before, pleading guilty is the best course of action. However, this may not be for your particular case and your attorney will be able to look at the UI and DWI penalties and fines that are in your particular state in order to make the best decision. An example of this would be a BAC that is higher than .11, with multiple witnesses, obviously guilty is the right plea. However, if it is .08 to .11, then there is a little wiggle room for working out the final verdict, other than you are guilty and you will pay a certain amount of money, and also do jail time. This is called sentence bargaining, where you can actually get a reduced sentence, if you plead not guilty, at which case the judge will recommend the minimum sentence in that particular state, as well as the minimum fine.

After you have found an attorney, you should sit down with him or her to discussion case. You may want to contact a couple different ones, just to make sure you feel confident that they will be able to represent you properly. It is recommended that you use someone that has a reputation in your city or town for representing people effectively before the judge. If this is a second time offense, or if you are simply not sure what to do when you get to court, then finding one of the many Kansas City DUI lawyers is the best choice that you can make if you want to get the best possible verdict.