DUI Penalties In Kansas

Kansas City DUI Lawyers – Finding The Right OneThe moment is probably hard to forget. Maybe you thought you were okay after waiting an hour or so, or maybe you knew that you weren’t, but the cherries on top of a police car appear in the rear view mirror and you get pulled over for a breathalyzer. Now you need a Kansas City DUI lawyer to take your case. Drunk driving laws can vary greatly from one state to another, and you need an experienced attorney who understands how these cases work to protect your Constitutional rights in the upcoming trial.

Different Rates for Different Drivers

One fact too many Kansas drivers don’t understand is that there are different levels that put you in the legal definition of DUI in Kansas. While the commonly known .08 standard does apply to everyone – in other words if you are at .08 or above (if you are right on the number then by Kansas law you are intoxicated) you are certainly intoxicated, but there are lower levels where you might be in danger of DUI by Kansas law, as well.

If you are under the legal drinking age of 21, then it only takes a trace .02 reading for you to be considered driving under the influence. If you are a commercial driver (and this includes regular school bus drivers) than you are considered DUI at .04. These stricter standards can, and frequently are, enforced during DUI stops in Kansas.

Enhanced Penalties

You need a Kansas City DUI attorney who also understands how to protect you from the worst that enhanced penalties can bring to you. There are multiple situations where an additional penalty can be added onto a DUI. These penalties can include additional financial penalties, time spent in jail, or even revoking of driving rights.

Just a few situations that currently carry an enhanced penalty includes:

  • Habitual offender from multiple offenses in a short time
  • Commercial drivers
  • Having a passengers 14 years old or younger in the car
  • Drivers under 21 years old

Big Difference Between First Time or Fourth

When it comes to finding a quality Kansas City DUI lawyer, you need to understand that while there are huge differences in penalties from a first time offender and a multiple time offender, however you should always make sure you have quality legal representation. The penalties always compound but a good DUI attorney will be able to see if procedures weren’t handled correctly, if your rights were violated, or if there are other circumstances that can be used to mitigate the potential punishments that would otherwise be unavoidable.

That being said, even if the case against you is extremely solid, a good attorney is more likely to get you on the more favorable side of the penalties or to work out a good plea bargain far better than you could representing yourself or a general practice attorney who doesn’t understand the ins and outs of state DUI law.

In conclusion, there are many high quality Kansas City DUI attorneys out there, and by getting one to represent you, you will have a far better chance of coming out of a DUI case with better terms.