Don’t Lose What You’ve Worked For:Hire A Kansas City DUI Lawyer

If you get a DUI in Missouri, the court case is just the beginning of consequences. Your particular case will determine just how much you wind up paying in fines, whether or not you go to jail, and if you lose your license. Any one of those things can put a tremendous amount of pressure on someone, but when you to that the social stigma, it can make returning to your normal life extremely difficult. Rather than just allowing your life to be thrown away because of one night, it’s vital to hire a Kansas City DUI lawyer. They can help you fight the conviction, and get the best possible outcome in your case.

There are a variety of ways to fight DUI charges. One common problem is the actual traffic stop itself. A lot of people get stopped at DUI checkpoints. However, these are not always legal, which could negate the charges you received as a result. Sometimes police officers don’t follow the exact protocol, which can lead to lesser charges or even having your charges dropped altogether. Did an officer fail to read you your Miranda Rights or avoid warning you about implied consent? If that occurred, you may be able to reduce the impact of your DUI charges.

Sometimes a field sobriety test is administered to determine whether or not someone is intoxicated. These are far from reliable, however, and can be argued in court. In a court of law, straight line tests, fingertips to nose instructions, and counting back can not always hold up. Not being able to pass a physical test like this might cause serious trouble for you in the future. Kansas City DUI lawyers are well aware of how field sobriety tests can go wrong, and they will fight to ensure you aren’t unfairly prosecuted in your case.

Many would assume that BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) tests and breathalyzers are infallible. The truth is that these results are often contested in DUI cases. Blood alcohol levels are not always an accurate determination of your intoxication at the time you were driving. The effects of alcohol on you may not be what your blood shows at the time the test was taken. Your DUI attorney can focus on whether or not you were truly intoxicated at the time you were stopped, whether or not the tests obtained were done so legally, and help you win a case you thought was hopeless.

So much can be done in DUI cases, but unfortunately most people are completely unaware of their rights in these circumstances. It’s easy to get stuck in life following a DUI conviction. Fighting can help lessen or even eliminate that affect. With a reputable Kansas City DUI lawyer, you can find out exactly what you’re up against, and how you can protect yourself. You don’t have to accept whatever you were charged with. A DUI attorney will examine the manner of your stop, the motive of the officers, and the accuracy of the tests given to help you get a great outcome.