Avoid Life Ruining Consequences And Hire A Kansas City DUI Lawyer

If you get a DUI in Missouri, the court case is just the beginning of consequences. Suspended licenses, jail time and outrageous fines are just a few examples of what you may face. It depends on your case. Even having to deal with one of these issues in your life can be difficult, but DUI convictions also carry a social stigma. A Kansas City DUI lawyer can help defend you in your court case and prevent you from having to experience the serious consequences of DUI convictions.

DUI convictions usually start with getting pulled over, and the manner in which that stop was conducted can change everything. A lot of people get stopped at DUI checkpoints. However, these are not always legal, which could negate the charges you received as a result. Police don’t always follow the correct protocol required for DUI cases, in which case your charges may be changed or dropped altogether. Something as simple as not receiving the reading of your Miranda Rights or failing to warn of an implied consent warning can help you gain your life back after a DUI case.

For years, field sobriety tests have been hotly contested as being unreliable. Ideally, a court has definite evidence to go on before a conviction. Walking in a straight line or touching your fingertips to your nose are not always able to hold up in a court of law. Failing to perform something like this to an officer’s satisfaction could land you in tremendous legal trouble. Kansas City DUI lawyers are experts, understand the legal issues and questions surrounding cases where field sobriety tests were used, and can help defend you from being wrongly accused.

If you assume that BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) tests and breathalyzers are the final say in a court of law, you’re wrong. Blood alcohol levels are not always an accurate determination of your intoxication at the time you were driving. The effects of alcohol on you may not be what your blood shows at the time the test was taken. While some try and paint these tests as completely reliable, the truth is that the numbers are not always an accurate reflection of impairment, which makes a major difference in cases like these.

While it may seem like nothing can be done to help your DUI case, nothing could be further from the truth. Because DUI convictions can ruin your social life and reputation and make it difficult to move on afterwards, it’s imperative that you fight with all you have. With a reputable Kansas City DUI lawyer, you can find out exactly what you’re up against, and how you can protect yourself. Regardless of whether or not you failed a breathalyzer or were unfairly stopped at a DUI checkpoint, your attorney will help build a case for you in court.